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Kathryn Speer C.C.T.M.

We are a team comprised of dedicated health care providers, technologists and visionaries who understand that risk assessment and prevention is the key to providing quality health care. 


Our mission:

To bring non-invasive scientific technology to the forefront of health care.  To provide everyone with an opportunity of choice in monitoring their health. 

My decision to become a Certified Clinical Thermographic Technician & Manager was based on my own personal experience with health issues as it related to my breasts.  I have experienced first hand the frustration of not knowing what was happening in my own body and the inability to heal myself as a result of the information I had available to me at the time.  This journey led me on a passionate search for answers and a methodology to take back the power in my own healing.  In addition, I have lost loved ones to cancer & watched some of my closest friends endure the battle to fighting cancer that may have been prevented by early detection of the disease & physiological changes in the body.

After a successful career spanning over 19 years in Corporate Business, I made the decision to shift my focus and pursue a career in a field that utilizes this life saving technology.  Making a difference in the lives of people is & always has been my passion and life long pursuit. 

I am excited to bring this amazing technology to New Brunswick & surrounding areas via Mobile Clinic Locations, in addition to my  dedicated Clinic in our beautiful hometown of Salisbury NB. 

I am proud to be partnered with some of the world's most respected, experienced Dr’s & Thermologists in the field of clinical health.