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Thermography? Mammogram? What's the difference?

There is a misconception out there that if you have a Thermography scan you don't require a structural test such as a mammogram or ultrasound.

Thermography is radiation free, non-invasive and totally safe and painless process of providing women with true screening methods that can warn of a pending problem far in advance.

Thermographic imaging is a predictive test, and it can also monitor the effectiveness of treatments to see the effects on the breast tissue. Proper risk assessment with the use of breast thermography can help provide you with the early warnings you need to make the necessary changes to become proactive.

Thermography is a physiological test (how the breast is functioning); Mammogram is structural (what has already happened. Think calcium deposits, lump). Thermography cannot see structural changes but rather abnormalities and Mammograms cannot see the physiological.

So why would a woman add Thermography to her Breast health regime? PREVENTION. Knowing how your breasts are functioning is key to reduce your future or immediate risk.

This is a great article written by Dr. Alexander Mostovoy & Board Certified Thermologist.

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