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Why Peri-Menopause & Hot Flashes are no laughing matter

I hear it often from both men & women, making jokes about their hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats and achy joints (the men teasing their women that is). There is no ill intent of course but all too often it is passed off as something that a woman just goes through and will get over eventually.

Here lies the problem. Your body is sending you signals it needs help. During peri-menopause & menopause our hormones can become “unglued” - some dominant while others too low.

I often see on women’s scans for example suggested osteoarthritis, fibrocystic breasts, hormonal influence or they share with me their Dr. wants them to go for a bone density scan in their early 50’s. YIKES! Please get your hormones checked.

Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Adrenal Hormones – when any one or more of these are out of balance, they can cause a whole host of symptoms & disease in the body left untreated.

We will go through each one in detail over the coming weeks however here are just some of the impacts to your health that can occur due to improper hormone balance:

- Heart Disease or Heart Attack

- Liver Dysfunction

- Osteoarthritis

- Loss of Bone Density

- Loss of Libido

- Infertility

- Breast Cancer

- Fibrocystic Breasts

- Bloating

- Weight Gain

- Depression & Anxiety

- Rage & Anger

- Brain Fog

- Weakness & Tiredness

- Muscle loss

- Insomnia

So how do you get your hormones tested? I have tried them all and only after each one did I find out that it wasn’t “quite accurate or enough information” until I found the Dutch Complete test. This test helped me immensely to put it all together. Dutch Test Complete.

You can get a Dutch Complete test through your Naturopathic Dr. If you don’t have a Naturopathic Dr. please reach out to Dr. Jenna Weeks at the Moncton Naturopathic Clinic and she will get it sent to you, explain the process and once she receives your results you will meet with her either in person or virtually to get your results.

If this peeks your interest I also had my results meeting recorded with Dr. Jenna Weeks so I could share with you. This will give you an overview of what to expect and what information it can provide. Kathryn's Dutch Test Results

Your Hormones are no laughing matter – your future health depends on it.

Blessings of Love & Light,


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