Rates & Services

  • Breast Thermography (Male & Female)  

       $265.00 + HST

  • Cranial Dental & Thyroid

       $250.00 + HST

  • Breast + Cranial Dental Thyroid

      $465.00 + HST

  • Upper Body (Not including Breast)

       $275 + HST

  • Lower Body

      $275.00 + HST 

  • Full Body  

      $650.00 + HST 


Included in price is your proactive health imaging appointment, a detailed report from Dr. emailed to you which includes your scans, and a short follow up consultation explaining findings and recommended next steps.  Consultations are done in person or over the phone.



We accept Debit, e-transfer, Visa, MasterCard.  Please go to Bookings tab to book your appointment & deposit. 


Medical Coverage: 

NB Medicare does not cover the cost of this service. 


Personal Insurance:  If you have a Health Spending Account as part of your personal Insurance this is where this Service can be claimed.  it is considered Medical Imaging.  This service can also be claimed on yearly income tax under Medical Expenses.


Examples of Thermography Testing:







Carotid Occlusal Disease image.png

Carotoid Occlusal Disease

TMJ Diagnosis

TMJ Diagnostics.png

Thoracic Images

Thoracic Images.png

Planter Fascitis

Planter Fascitis.png

Myofacial Symptoms

Myofacial Symptoms.png