Wellness Wednesday Bi-Weekly Webinars:

Please join us as we share topics of discussion for your health & well being.  All webinars are held online - if you wish to register for any of the topics below please click on the link.  \We look forward to sharing in your health journey. 

August 12th: Breast  Thermography from a Clients perspective

August 26th: 

What is Thermography & Why it's Important.  If you have heard or maybe you haven't yet about Thermography please come and join us as we discuss what it is, what is isn't and why this Medical Imaging is so important.  I will also share my story and what led me to leave a successful Corporate Career to open a Thermography Clinic.  

Register here:  https://bit.ly/2EjbEnE

September 9th: 

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Support Group.  We will discuss with Nutritional Consultant & Holistic Cancer Coach, Heather Cronk.