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My Journey

Hey everyone! It’s Amy, Thermography Clinic NB’s newest team member. I am so thrilled to be joining Kathryn, having a mentor as supportive as her makes all the difference. I wanted to share with you all what brought me on this journey.

When I was in university and living away from home, I received a call that my dad was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. After surgery, several rounds of chemo, and a whole lot of pain, my dad was healing. He was beginning to live a life of normalcy, or new normalcy I should say. He began doing the things he loved again - going to the cabin, snowmobiling, fishing, anything outdoors. This newfound freedom didn’t last long. He was entering his fifth year being “cancer-free”, in remission right? Wrong. His cancer had grown significantly and had essentially taken over his healthy cells. This time, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. How? When did that even happen? Why didn’t any of those follow-up tests show the raging cancer taking over his body? It simply was not fair.

My dad went through a lot, we all did. He had numerous surgeries, fighting as long as he could. He had incredible doctors, compassionate nurses, and a loving support system. It didn’t matter. The cancer had taken over.

What if he could have identified inflammation or something “just not right” earlier? Could he have caught these warning signs before cancer took his life?

Thermography offers insight into these early warning signs. It provides a look into the body, indicating potential areas that may be lacking in their proper functioning - and it can help us in preventative measures. Before the disease sets in. Could this have helped my dad? I won’t have the chance to find out. I do, though, have the opportunity to help others see what alternative testing modalities may not.

That is why I have chosen a career in Thermography. Through a simple scan you can identify possible disease and inflammation before it becomes a life-changing concern. I have a lot to learn, and I am looking forward to every new opportunity. Follow along with my adventure, I’ll share the learning with you!


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