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What's the difference? Thermography, Mammography or Ultrasound?

Let’s get honest and raw together for a few moments.

Below is a text message I received this week in response to a woman talking to her Dr. about adding Thermography.

Good morning xxxxx,

“I would advise against thermography.

It is not effective as a screening or diagnostic tool to detect early stage breast cancer.

There is no scientific evidence to support the use of it.

Mammography is the most effective screening method to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages”

Do you see & hear what is and has been wrong about our current system?

- detect early stage breast cancer

- screening method to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages

Screening means - “it’s already happened”

Risk assessment - “will happen” (Thermography - proactive)

It’s all about “after the fact!”

I know we as women can only do what we have available to us but attacking a disease after it’s already there? Disease management vs. Proactive health care is unfortunately where we have been for far too long.

Thermography has over 800 peer reviewed scientific studies - but yet Dr’s are not trained on this. Thermography is not a diagnostic tool. It is medical imaging looking at the functionality of the breast tissue.

We need both Thermography & Mammography/Ultrasound. One does not replace the other.


Please read this very important article that explains the why.

We as women must educate ourselves and be our own advocates if we are going to change the trajectory of breast cancer.

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