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Thermography, What's That?

Hey everyone, Amy again 🙂

So, when I began my learning journey with Kathryn I remember thinking - What exactly is

Thermography? Well, now I can start sharing my knowledge!


**What's Medical Thermography? 🌡️**

Imagine having a camera that can see heat (kinda like a superpower, right?). Medical thermography does just that! It's a fancy way of saying "heat picture-taking". It captures heat patterns from our skin, which can tell us if something's amiss underneath.

**What's It Used For? 🤔**

1. Breast Health Check-Ins: While it's not a replacement for mammograms and rather a complementary test, thermography can offer clues about breast health. Think of it as a supplemental tool.

2. Spotting Angry Veins: Helpful in spotting blood flow issues.

3. Muscle and Joint Drama: Got a mystery ache or pain? This could help point out inflammation.

4. Brain & Nerves: Some nerve conditions might affect skin temperature.

5. Toothaches & Jaw Pain: It can even spot issues in our mouth and jaw.

**The Cool Bits About Thermography 🌈**

1. No Prodding or Poking: Just pictures! Super non-invasive.

2. Safe Vibes: No radiation here. So, you're in safe hands.

3. It Doesn’t Hurt: No "ouch" moments to worry about.

4. Early Bird Special: In some cases, it can hint at problems before they're spotted by other methods.

**Things to Remember 📝**

1. Not the Only Tool in the Shed: Thermography adds to other tests but doesn't replace them.

2. Skill Matters: Like a good photographer, you need a skilled person to interpret these heat images.

3. The Room Matters: The surroundings can affect readings. Like how we look different in different lighting? Yeah, kind of like that.

4. Insurance? Maybe, Maybe Not: Check if your health plan covers it - we are partnered with Naturopathic Services, so most insurances will provide coverage!


Embarking on this learning journey about medical thermography has been like uncovering a hidden gem. I hope sharing this has made it a tad clearer and less intimidating for you. Remember, it's always great to discover and learn about the tools that can help us understand our bodies better. Here's to learning something new every day! 🎉

**A Little Self-Care Tip 🌸**

Since we're on the topic of health, here’s a simple self-care tip: **Stay Hydrated**! Drinking water isn’t just great for glowing skin; it’s the unsung hero supporting our entire body. So, carry a water bottle, maybe infuse it with some refreshing cucumber or lemon slices, and keep sipping.

Understanding our bodies is one of the best acts of self-love! 💖

Stay curious! 🌟

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